Meeting the Bo&Mitchi Team

Meet Mr.Designer!

Oh, See – D for Deign. Not sure if you got that but we have an OCD for design. Our attention to detail takes a little longer than usual to roll out things that come on our platter but hey it’s worth the wait. Be it web design, design for identity, ecommerce portals, financial infographics – it’s all thought through keeping in mind just one thing – user experience.

Abreast with the latest in tools to use and a eye for great aesthetics, the team rolls out more than satisfactory designs for everyone on board. By everyone we mean all our stakeholders – our social media team, our reporting team and of course our clients and partners.

We’re young. We’re sexy. Have a look:


Mr.SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As he says “I walk into a bar, bars, pub, resto-pubs, tavern, drink, beer, alcohol.” Search Engine Optimization is always on his mind. Even though his search related idiosyncrasies are prominent, he’s a man of steel in the domain since his objective/mission is NOT the “number of keywords” but “are your sales increasing”. He only looks at the final product, the ROI. If it’s increasing, SEO is working. If not, probably needs a little time.

Design projects come and go, which is natural. But, till date, no SEO project has left the B&M ship. We do our best to ensure that the growth at which the organic (through Google) traffic gets pushed is increasing constantly.

We’re honest. We’re transparent. We’re successful. Have a look:
On Google, type in “wedding cakes in mumbai” – you’ll see our client, ‘Deliciae Cakes’ (See Live Example)
Another example – Type in “3d cakes” – Who do you see? Voila!
(See Live Example)


HTML Girl!

It’s not over at design. The HTML team is always working on the design to being them to life. Web design is nothing without HTML. And HTML is nothing with Photoshop. It’s like they’re in love! This where all the drop downs, the hovers, the forms, the validations – all work beautifully. Plus, this is the final product and if this is super, we as an agency, are super. Yes, it’s true. Our HTML peeps are probable the most pampered!



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