Understanding Your Competitor’s Traffic – That’s Optimization!

The web is gigantic and thousands of blog posts are being posted every day in the form text, images, videos and social posts as well. You are sleepless at night thinking of your competitor’s achievement and puzzled and scratching your head in the office every day.

You are thinking of moving fast with your blog and content marketing strategy in vain. You have been waiting but why. You should not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. It is very difficult to stay ahead of the race if you are a procrastinator. Just kill the lazy bug today and move at a supersonic speed in you marketing game.

The first and foremost thing is to know how much visitors do your competitors possess and what is the frequency of posting the content on his/her blog. No analytic systems are 100% perfect even Google Analytic does not give guarantee and you cannot use google analytic for your competitors’ web portal.

However, there is silver lining for you to know the visitors potential of your competitor’s business blog or website. No matter, you can understand your competitors visitors whether he is running digital marketing companies in Mumbai or California. Let’s know how to figure out the numbers of the visitors of your challengers within 5 minutes.

Similar Web:

Similarweb is one of the most wanted third party website that tells the competitors activities in details for free. You can get the information about direct traffic, social traffic, organic traffic and even mobile apps etc. You can also know easily if your competitors are running paid advertisement. You can get much more information if you are a paid subscriber to this site.

Traffic Estimate:

You have already used the fantastic presentation of Similarweb.com for free. You are eager to explore more. So, there is trafficestimate.com for your rescue. It tells the approximate visitors of your website and its developments over the period of time. You can be sure as to the visitors’ activities even if you are running business of website designing agencies in mumbai


Alexa.com is a very powerful analytic tool that almost everyone use. No matter, whether an experienced tech-savvy chap or a layman, everyone must have visited to check the competitor’s activities. Though Alexa does not indicates the number of the visitors, it indicates potential of the website.

Let us know if this was helpful.

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