5 mistakes while hiring an SEO agency!

Running a website without SEO implementation is like sailing a broken boat on the vast sheet of water. Hence, it is imperative to either employ SEO experts in-house or outsource activities to the agency. However, finding a high-end company that deal in search engine optimization is not an easy task.

You must be aware of the Google updates during recent years that has ousted the online business completely from the internet. The Google’s most spoken Panda and Penguin has given a cold feet to the people. If you would like to remain fresh in the field of online marketing business, then you need to follow search engines rules and regulations.

There are many SEO companies in Mumbai running and offering SEO services. However, no one gives guarantee about successful implementation of website optimization. Also, search giant Google denies any kinds of guaranty on SEO.

However, the search engine optimization can be done consummately if adept people take care of the website. You should be very careful about the facts described here if you are going to hire a digital marketing company in Mumbai

They write quality content

“Content is king” is a popular saying in the field of SEO. But, the agency promises SEO content which is search engine friendly. You need to check who the writer is and what sorts of copywriting they have done before. If the content is plagiarized and out of information then you are likely to be penalized overnight.

They buy inbound links

As you know there is a craze among the digital marketing fraternity about backlinks. We all are aware of the facts that the backlinks can bring ranking on the search engine result pages. That is why; there is a huge demand for increasing numbers of backlinks for every website. The SEO agency might promise you to buy inbound links which is not a practical approach these days to get rank. If you move along with digital marketing agency you are sure to get axe of Google wrath very soon.

They have Google people

Some online marketing agency has different approach to pitch the client and seal the deal by telling the clientele that we have contacts with Google team which is complete false. The search engine rule is same for any business. Even Google itself is not free from spam penalty. Therefore, any company claims to be the apple of eye of the google is flatly false.

They claim quick result

Getting result and be on the top of the search engine result page is completely time consuming job. If any agency or online marketing companies claims that they can give you result very fast is hogwash. There are many factors that determine your ranking on the search engines. No one can give guarantee to get rank very fast. Even search giant Google does not promise the result.

The have special tools

No tools are 100% accurate starting from Google analytics to Google search console. Sometimes, the SEO agency expresses that they have special tool that can help you to get rank fast. You should always know that any automated process is a spam and almost all the search engine frown upon the automated process.

If you are running a business then you should be circumspective as to the factors explained here.

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